News 2014

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st August Tracks 2000 National Trampoline League, Cardiff

The Tracks 2000 National League was set up this year and the first competition was held in Cardiff in August. We have joined with Lincoln Imps to form the Lincolnshire Trampoline Gymnastics Academy to compete in the National League. Indi Twigg, Ciaran Randeria, Georgie Dowsett and Matt Gladders from Aero Kinetics all took part. Congratulations to Matt for competing his highest ever tariff of 9.6 and winning bronze in the League 1 Over 19 Mens. Georgie Dowsett certainly made her mark in the League 3 Over 19 Ladies coming 2nd overall to win Silver. Ciaran also made the podium in 3rd place in League 3 15-16boys group. Indi competed well in a very big group of League 3 15-16girls to finish 19th.