Level 4 Coaches

Head Coach Level 4 Senior Club Coach Ann Gladders

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Ann start coaching in 1996 when she started helping in Katharine & Michael's trampolining lessons.
She took her first coaching course in 1997 and things carried on from there!!
Ann completed her level 4 course & exam in Nov 2009.
Xcel Regional Coach Education training days
Edgbarrow coaching course - 3rd to 5th April 2012

Advanced Level Coach Brian McGeeney

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Level 4 Senior Club Coach Kate Webster (nee Gladders)

Kate started trampolining when she was 6 years old and reached National competition level.
She started coaching at Aero Kinetics before going off to University.
She continued coaching & competing for her university club at Cambridge.
Kate now lives & works in Cambridge as a primary school teacher, but helps with coaching at Aero Kinetics in the holidays and at competitions whenever she can.
Kate also completed her level 4 coaching course in Nov 2009.